sales mediation                                        

Zoë de Booij Stables mediates for you in the sale of your dressage horse.

With our sales mediation we take away all your worries about the sale of your horse.

To make the sale a success, it is necessary to agree well.

For this we need all possible information from your horse.

This way we can get a first impression of the horse and see on paper whether this horse is suitable for sales mediation.

Not only the horse itself, but also your ideas about the sale and the selling price are important to come to a proper assessment.

If the horse appears to be suitable for sale via our network, the horse must be in the stable for two weeks to see what the horse really is like.

Only then can we make a real estimate and talk further with you about the approach to sales.

The horse then stays with us to be made ready for sale.

We put the horse in the best possible position, train the horse, take photos and video and offer the horse for sale.

To be able to properly advise you about the sale, you must be honest about your horse.

We are also honest with you, even if that is sometimes not what you would like to hear.

This is to prevent you from incurring costs that do not outweigh the proceeds of the horse.

The point is that you sell the horse satisfactorily through us.

The bottom line is that your horse must be talented, good-natured and healthy.

A good price / quality ratio is a condition and makes the horse salable.

With our training and presentation your horse will be more marketable and raise its price earlier.

international network

Our network is international, we have a large sales area in the USA, especially Florida and Texas

specialized in dressage horses

Our team only has riders at the highest level to optimally prepare your horse for sale.


We are very transparent about commission and costs incurred, no surprises before or afterwards.